Healing By the Light of The Moon


This JOURNEY of Healing By The Light of The Moon, was designed to REVEAL the original days in a moon cycle. We were taught that there are 30/31 days to a month, but in actuality there are 28 days to a moon cycle. AWAKENING to this information we are able to ALIGN ourselves with the ORGANIC & NATURAL time. The MISSION of the Healing By The Light of The Moon Journey is to EDUCATE women about the moon phases and to help UNIFY them with the rhythm of the moon. We provide HEALING on a consistent basis with the phases.



This journal work is PURPOSE-DRIVEN! Using this planner in ALIGNMENT with the cycles of the moon phases, will help you to navigate through your INNER & OUTER worlds, gain clarity of your vision & follow "The Spirit" as you PLAN & EXECUTE! The year and dates have been deliberately left out so you can START where you are. The Galactic and Khemetic New Year starts on July 26th. This is why this journal starts with the month of July.

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"Poetry Like You've Never Heard Before"

Queen Esther presents... her first poetry collection, a collage of over 30 years of writing. Her work takes the unique form of POETIC HEALING, which brings medicine and solutions to the challenges of life. She weaves a TAPESTRY of information that revolves around the synthesis of different emotions such as Self-Realization, Healing, Gratitude & Love. The beauty of this kaleidoscope of work inspires us to recognize the ONENESS of all things.




"Thank you Queen Esther, Dean of the Global Sacred Woman Village! Through your new book, 'Healing By The Light Of The Moon', women worldwide will be able to recieve the radiant love that shines through you from beginning to the end of the text. From this extraordinary work, women will gain strengthened inner power. Healing through The Light Of The Moon is a pathway and roadmap of divine alignment. As women internalize the teachings, like the moon, they will consistently heal and protect their woman self. Again, gratitude to you Queen Esther for unveiling the mystery of the moon as our guiding light."

Queen AfuaMother Of Womb Wellness / Founder of Sacred Woman

"I am so honored & excited to declare that this moon calendar & journal will reunite you with yourself, your planet & your cosmos. This calendar-journal is your first step to self-unification with everything. Simply and devotedly follow the guidelines and instructions within this loving calendar-journal to return to your birthright... the stars & cosmos which are aspects of yourself. I love this calendar-journal!!!"

Dr. Jewel PookrumMD / PHD / MFS / Chancellor of The J.E.W.E.L. University of Immortal Sciences for Immortal Living / Surgeon General for the MBC-INAAN Aboriginal People & YAMASSEE Nation

"Queen Esther is a cosmic genius. Her explanation of the navigation of the cyles of the moon makes understanding the phases simple, yet powerful, and applicable. This book journal will help you understand the flow of the moon, which will help you flow in life. Let the cosmos be your GPS."

Kateria KnowsRenowned Astrologer


"Now, I am Healing...By The Light of The Moon. My heart is healing & my life of joy, love, good health & prosperity is growing. There is so much love in this healing circle & it's THE LOVE that heals and makes it all possible. TUA NTR, Tua Queen Esther, Tua (Give thanks & praises)"

Shelly MartinThe Venus of Harlem / Harlem Bombshell / SWP / Celestial Beauty

"Healing By The Light Of The Moon is a phenomenal journey through the lunar cycles. Whether you are a seasoned follower of the moon phases, or just being introduced to this ancient method of timekeeping, this call is for you."

Ciara BirdArtist / Designer / SWP / Celestial Beauty

"We heal by building a sisterhood that is loving, supportive, genuine & built to last a lifetime. This moon journal is a powerful tool that keeps us unified & cosmicallly connected By The Light Of The Moon. Brrrrrrrrrppt!!!!!! Tua Ntr!"

Jahfari Diane Milner NyahbinghiMS / ICACD-II / RM / CHHC / MATS/ SWP / EGP / Celestial Beauty

"The Light Of The Moon is an elite celebration of the cosmic realm. There is something here for the beginner, intermediary & veteran lover of this natural science. It beckons you to honor all things in a directional flow from the East into the North, West & the South. For as Above. So Below & Within."

Chaplain Grier Bowen-WrightSacred Woman / Celestial Beauty

"I encourage all women to join the moon call. It is my happy space, it is my safe space. We laugh, we joke, we love hard, but we also work. We work on how to make our spaces a better place to reside. We learn how to care for our spiritual bodies, as well as human bodies."

Monique GravesSWP / EGHP / Celestial Beauty

"The Light Of The Moon, 'LOTM' program has been just what I needed to manage my life. 'LOTM' goes beyond ordering my day. It helps me to think about what's important to me & make healthy choices. The 'LOTM' program has placed me in a 'safe space' that allows me to unfold & grow among women that are CONSCIOUS & CARING. Lastly, the GPS Reading by QE has given me direction and clarity in my life. I am grateful for QE's HOLY BOLDNESS, her wisdom & knowledge."

Wanda BrownLife Coach / Recreation Therapist / SWP / Celestial Beauty


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