Queen Esther has a unique brand of consulting as a healing artist that makes her work so authentic!  She hails from New York City, but feels at home in the Celestial Realm. She has an extensive background in travel that includes the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, West Africa, Khemet, and Dubai.

Her healing studies began at "The Heal Thyself Center" in Brooklyn, New York, where she studied directly under the Master Healer Queen Afua, over thirty-five years ago.

Queen Esther's dance experience includes her training and performing with the  La Rocque Bey School of Dance in Harlem, NY; as well as Babatunde Olatunji, a world renowned Master Drummer, who brought the African drum and dance culture to the Americas back in the 1950's. She went on to study at the LEGON University in Ghana, West Africa. Queen Esther has also lead her own dance and performance company "The Queens of the Mystic Law."

She solidifies her commitment to a healthy body, as she still makes herself available to teach Healing through African Dance Workshops along with working out and exercising for over forty years!

As a poet extraordinaire, Queen Esther uses the POWER of the Word to heal, teach, inspire and awaken. Spoken Word adds to her vibrant brand of healing and her poetry book "Poetry Like You've Never Heard Before," can be purchased on Amazon for your enjoyment.

With a background in cosmetology where she acquired the title of "The Beauty Doctor," Queen uses colors to radiate and activate beauty. With such a splendid tapestry of healing and arts combined, this fusion creates a 3D effect of Healing. This stirs a dramatic reaction on the visual level and creates thought provoking information for the mind. She inspires others with a sense of urgency to preserve and rejuvenate their bodies, which is the only vehicle to carry you through your entire life!

Her latest work includes being the founder of "Healing By The Light of The Moon," a modality that includes healing in conjunction with the 8 phases of the Moon. She has produced her journal of the same title which aligns with her class series and can also be purchased on Amazon.

This is a rare and authentic healing Art Form that you don't want to miss!